Jagan Nath Khalsa
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Jagan Nath Khalsa

Born in Chicago. Lived in St. Louis for 20 years. Now in Boston area, 20 miles southwest of downtown.

Favorite venue: church performances. I have the ambition to perform Art of Fugue and the Musical Offering of Bach with some grouping of interested musicians. I love Bach cantatas and all works written for and performed in church settings.

I also have done a lot of community theater work over the years. Was Fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof in Sterling MA in 2001, and the lone violinist in "She Loves Me" at Footlighters Theater / Walpole MA 2004. I am former concertmaster for Sudbury Savoyards, which does the entire cycle of G&S operettas, one a year, for almost 60 years.

I've lately become much involved in chamber music for all kinds of groupings recently and try to say yes to every invitation, paid and non-paid.

Dec 2009: I have finally formed a quartet that will perform a good portion of Art of Fugue in Millis MA in January 2010. I am still looking to meet more kindred spirits to keep this project going, so no matter who drops out, we still have others to call upon.

Sept. 2015: For two and a half years, I co-lead an Early music group called Seele Musicale Chamber ensemble, and we are slowly playing the music we've always dreamed of. Have done some Brandenburg concerti, Bach cantatas, some concerto grossi, and diverse other music. We are centered around the Metrowest area of the Boston area. We are making friends with composers near and far for possible collaboration. Networking, networking, networking, and sharing is my mantra now.

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