Sander Marcus
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Sander Marcus

I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and career counselor (resumes, career testing, job search coaching). I am currently at the IIT Institute of Psychology in Chicago. I have co-authored 2 books on academic underachievement, a couple of personality tests, and a few dozen articles.

I've been playing the violin since I was about 10. I've been in school orchestras and chamber groups, amateur string quartets, and community orchestras. When I've got a few months to prepare, I work up a little recital (at my level) for my Rotary club and other groups.

I had wonderful teachers, and I have a violin made by William Walls of Tampa, Florida (1964). I have always read what I can on famous violinists, classical music history and criticism, and performance.

I welcome any of your questions, comments, and violent criticism (and I've gotten all 3 on this website over the years). I admire ANYONE, amateur or professional, who takes up the violin. It has to be one of the most difficult and challenging activities ever devised by the human mind and heart.