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Amie Johnson

i play...
Piano first.
and voilin which i have just started learning
i sing low saprano,high saprano and some opera.
my dream was always to be good at piano and voilin.
i have only finally started getting piano lessons which is my dream.
though i have taught myself for many years.
i have taught myself every insturment i know except guitar.
and a friend is teaching me violin as she learns but she is 7 years i wish to get books for myself and teah myself...i am a very quick learner.
In piano i am now learning classical songs now that i have the music sheets.
lack of money has always seemed to hinder my wishes and dreams as does most peoples.
2 years ago i supposedly gave up and ripped up all my music but i just couldnt stay away...i had to play...and now i have my dream coming true because i DID NOT give up...i learned that patience is very important.
i have taught someone else piano...and he is extremely talented.i convinced his parents he was so good he needed a real teacher and so they got one...tho i do miss teaching.
I can learn and memorize a song in less than an hour...or more depending on how hard and the how long.
i want to learn many more insturments...its my passion.
i dont think i could live without playing.
i write lyrics,poetry,and a lil music.
ill put up my site in a while.

Amie Jo

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