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Rupert Guenther

I am a concert violinist-composer and music educator. I perform as a solo recitalist and in chamber music ensembles, specialising in entire concert programs through contemporary classical music improvisation. Concerts include Tate Britain (London), The Guildhall Festival (London), Melbourne International Festival, and Bombora House (NYC). Since 2003 I have independently released over 25 CDs of my original music.

Music for me is about a spiritual connection with self, with life, and is all about healing and helping people to feel safe to be their best.

I teach masterclasses, workshops, seminars and individual lessons in classical repertoire and technical excellence, healing stage-fright, classical improvisation, extended techniques, stage and studio techniques, as well as workshops in amplification and electronic gear. I am also a qualified life coach and Cosmosis mentor, and specialise in helping people learn how to clear their energy field, heal their unresolved issues and access more of their real nature, and create music as a heart based artist. I have seen that we can work on ourselves just like we can work on our playing, and that to neglect either greatly limits us.

I have taught masterclasses at The Guildhall School of Music & drama (London), Vienna University for Performing Arts (MDW), the European String Teachers Association (ESTA), and the University of Western Australia. I am the director of the annual International Mastercourse for Improvisation in St Paul, Austria.

I believe contemporary music is contemporary art, and that in the 21st century we have the opportunity to be true artists as creators of works, in a parallel way to which contemporary painters work, creating our own works onto a blank canvas.

I received a formal European classical music education in violin and hold a Bachelor of Music Performance from Melbourne University. I studied in Australia with Donald Scotts and Brian Finlayson (ex Igor Ozim), and studied a further 3 years with the renowned professor Helfried Fister in Austria (professor Fister was teaching assistant to Igor Ozim in Cologne for 15 years). This forms the basis of the violin technique which I teach.

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