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paul eklund

Howdy all. I'm 49 and an absolute beginner. Musical interests are, classical, jazz, rock and thrash. I have had a musical background. Wile growing up I listened to classical music. Got into the habit of listening for each instrument and memorizing that part. It wasn't until I was in my early teens that I heard bands like Chicago. King Crimson and Yes. Turned around and got every Kiss album I could find and played air guitar till 1976 when I got my first guitar. Wasn't till a year or so after when I started my first lessons. Had a really good instructor. The more technique I learned the more I could use the hearing I developed earlier in life. If I could hear it I could play it. In 1984 I had trama to my brain and wiped out a chunk of my memory. Including reading music. Was still able to play guitar and continued to learn things by ear. Until the early 90's when an accident at work damaged some nerves and tendons in my right wrist. I've played very little from that point on. Bought a drum set a few years back and started to learn to play. That was a mistake. Couldn't stand to listen to myself play.

My main goal on the violin is to learn as much as I can from classical music and technique then go into jazz. My influences in jazz are Roy Hargrove, Stan Getz, Wayne Shorter, Art Blakey, Herbie Hancock and the like.