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Avi Pilcer

Violinist and composer Avi Pilcer has performed for multiple personalities including Shimon Peres president of Israel. He toured in China numerous times for his Electric Violin Show and has captivated audiences with his passion and energy.

Born in France, Avi began the violin at the age of seven and in 2008, he released his first album. With his electric violin, his classical style takes a pop attitude.

Avi has represented brands such as Mont Blanc and Lacoste for their Asia Pacific campaigns. He has contributed to causes like the earthquake in China in May 2008 and the Tsunami in Japan in March 2011

Avi holds a Master's Degree in Telecomunications and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.

Avi loves music, people and to be passionate.

He is the creator of the VK (www.the-vk.com)

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