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Jenna Potts

Jenna Potts has been hailed as an exceptional rising violin instructor by many who are well established in the highest spheres of classical music performance. She has over a decade of experience teaching all of the different age groups, and she is as comfortable with the preschool/kindergarten student as she is with the adult student.

She strongly believes that every single individual with a reasonable amount of dedication who wants to learn to play the violin can learn to play – and play beautifully. Nothing delights her more than to be able to play a part in this wonderful process. With a warm and inviting personality, Ms. Potts creates a positive environment where students feel comfortable and excited to be at their lessons. She loves sharing the enjoyment of music, violin, and simply beautiful sound with the students and families she meets. A cornerstone of her teaching philosophy is that people will enjoy what they do well, thus one of her primary goals in teaching is to develop ease of playing with solid technical skills. Students who are comfortable with their instrument enjoy playing their solo pieces skillfully and with great musicality.

Ms. Potts teaches using the Suzuki material as the core of her curriculum. She supplements the aural Suzuki method with a parallel track of note reading and standard etude materials as each student’s readiness develops.

The beginning student will use the Suzuki Bk1 supplemented with Joann Martin’s “I Can Read Music” and Evelyn Avsharian’s “Songs for Little Players” series. Later beginners will continue through Suzuki Bks 2 and 3, and supplement with Applebaum, Wohlfahrt, and Doflein.

Intermediate students enjoy Suzuki Bks 4, 5 and 6, and supplement with Barbara Barber, Wohlfahrt, Flesch and Trott.

Advanced students will place primary emphasis on learning “Standard Repertoire,” while refining Baroque style in Suzuki Bks 7 and 8. They will also study Mazas, Kreutzer, Schradieck, Sevcik, and Flesch.

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