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Paul McCrone

I am an adult student - I am a professional meteorologist working for the US Navy (Civilian).

My wife Sasha and I have a 2 year old baby boy named Alex. He's awesome. I just gave him a 1/16th sized violin and he loved it! Of course, it will be some time before I can really start to teach him, but I think it's great to get a a start with him by making the violin familiar at a young age. My wife is glad to see him so excited.

I meet my wife (who is also awesome) through the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where she was a grad student. She is from Bulgaria, and we have gone on some great trips together in Eastern Europe as a result.

We moved to the Monterey CA area in November 2007, and we are settled in. I have started up lessons again with Rebecca Smith. Rebecca is a GREAT teacher, and she is currently helping me to play in the 3rd position.

When I was in Jr. High I took 4 years of the piano, and also learned to play the guitar. I decided in August 2005 to start learning to play the violin, having always loved this instrument.

I found that I took to it well. I enjoy it very much, although it has been sometimes a frustrating journey. But, when I have a great practice session or good lesson, and feel like I played well
- well - there's seldom a better feeling.

I am currently near the middle of the 3rd suzuki book (I am on the Dvorak 'Humoresque'), and I feel like I am starting to develop as a player.

I have diverse interests, liking classical and romantic eras of music, as well as the more down to earth fiddling style (Irish/Celtic is my favorite).

I heard Eileen Ivers in concert years ago in Omaha Nebraska, and I thought she was the most amazing violinist/fiddler I ever heard live. She's my favorite performer.

My favorite composers are:
Group A: Tchaikovsky & Strauss
Group B: Mozart, Grieg, Bizet, & Brahms
Group C: Beethoven, Bach, Handel, & Rossini.
There are so many others, but these are the ones I like to listen to often.

If you are a new violininst/fiddler, pleasr feel free to write me. I'll be glad to chat.

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