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Pat Yearian

I have taught violin/viola for over 40 years. I play in a quartet with three other women. We have been together for 35 years. I have played both viola and violin in the Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra and the Port Townsend Community Orchestra. I teach strings at the local Waldorf school and work as a string specialist in the public schools assisting the orchestra director. I returned to college after my family was grown and graduated with a concentration in women's compers from The Evergreen State College at the age of 60. I am a player that has found such joy in music that I have gone through a second broken wrist, this time my left hand. This impacted my playing but with hand and finger surgery plus rehab with an excellent occupational therapist I will be able to perform on my full size violin again. I would share my experience with anyone interested. It has taken over a year with much of that time spent playing on a 1/2 size violin.

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