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Roland Herrera
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Roland Herrera

I studied with a pupil of Mikhail Vaiman and 2 pupils of David Oistrakh, therefore my teaching closely follows the St. Petersburg school of string playing with regards purity of tone. I specialise in solo Bach and French classical Etude or Concerto repertoire up to and including Dont Op.35 or Wieniawski "Ecole Moderne".

I performed for 15 years as a freelance professional on the Continent, and now live in Bristol, UK. All inquiries welcome ; a trial lesson should confirm my enthusiasm for clarifying efficient technique. I also like to explain to students "why"... the pros. and cons. of every position and movement, so they can apply the knowledge and adapt it to their own needs. By technique I am including tone production, legato playing, as well as the obvious benefits, such as deft left hand passage work. Good technique is closely related to, and marries good musical expression.

In teaching children I involve them in a musical atmosphere.. young children often need help with expression, as well as the technique to project a sweet yet powerful tone. I teach students of all ages and levels, including Post graduate work. Please visit my site "Westbury Park Strings" for more details.