Leon Lee
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Leon Lee

I was a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, the nation's oldest youth orchestra, for a number of years during my junior high and high school days. I studied with Carol Sindell (Heifetz pupil), who taught me everything that my 4 other teachers could never do! But I am mostly self-taught. My favorite concertos are Sibelius, Vieuxtemps #5, Szymanowski #2, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel Tzigane (although this is not a concerto!) My favorite violinists are Milstein, Aaron Rosand, Midori, Jimmy Lin, and
Leonid Kogan. I like romantic and contemporary violin music. I can't play Bach or Mozart well at all! I am a software sales/marketing guy but I practice as my time allows. I also am transcribing orchestral pieces for violin as my time allows.