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John C

I'm an adult beginner.

Tennis is my favorite hobby. I picked up tennis quite late during my last semester in high school. I was the worst player in the worst high school tennis team in my area. However, tennis taught me passion. I enjoy the challenge and never gave up despite its high learning curve. I learned to be patient and persistent.

I want something similar in ways that are both challenging and requires dedication, but most importantly something that I can enjoy and be able to play by myself. Tennis made me realize that it's never too late for anyone to learn and become decent at something they find passion for.

High quality 'audio' is my other hobby. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I say 'audio' because I appreciate quality sound whether it be for listening to music, playing video games, or watching movies. My preferred music are modern instrumentals and film scores.

Besides my hobbies, I'm an an experimenter at heart. Testing and trying out different equipment and their parts is super fun for me. I've tried many different equipment for both tennis and audio. I like sorting out and understanding the effects of each variables.

I chose the violin because of the bow (and it's also portable!). I like textures and feeling with my hands. I find comfort and enjoyment in holding things like my tennis racket.

The violin is the perfect blend between my hobbies and my personality. It will be a lifetime of challenge, learning, and testing out various violins, bows, rosin, and strings!

Except everything I just said is useless because I have not been playing the violin anymore. Thank you community for the help and support. I tried, but in the end I "failed".

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