Noël Kingsley
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Noël Kingsley

I am a professional Alexander Technique teacher, trained by a protégé of FM Alexander himself. I have a busy Alexander practice in London and I also teach in our home town of Beaminster in Dorset.

Violin playing is a hobby having only properly started learning in 2004 when I was 52 years of age after 40 year gap since my first experience of two years of lessons from 12 years old. Both of my late parents were classical performers, my mother was a concert pianist touring Europe, and my father was flautist with the Scottish National Orchestra (now the RSNO) based in Glasgow, Scotland. Having had music always being played in our home for as long as I can remember, I wish to reconnect to that experience and maintain the connection through my own playing, as best I can.

I have had private tuition from an excellent violin teacher at Trinity Labam Conservatoire, London, but am not currently having lessons owing to travel logistics and time available. However I practice for an hour or so per day, working on scales, Kreutzer exercises and some pieces. I have not had experience of playing with others, but I hope to eventually.

I am particularly interested in quality of tone, phrasing and expression. Playing even simple pieces beautifully is more important to me than over stretching myself with work that’s too difficult. Having said that, I’m currently enjoying working on Bach sonatas for violin and piano.

My other interests are black and white photography and am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. My pictures can be seen on
I also enjoy hill walking and writing.