Michael McGrath
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Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath is a violist and private classical guitar instructor based out of Fredericton New Brunswick. Michael has an intense interest in musical theory and history as well as modern performance practices and composition.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from St. Thomas University in 2018, Michael has studied chamber music performance and composition under Martin Kutnowski and Don Bosse, as well as conducting under Bruno Cinquegrani and Richard Hornsby. Michael has also conducted intensive studies on select works of Italian Opera and the works of Beethoven, music theory, and musical history. His studies have also included guitar work with Steven Peacock and compositional score readings with the Saint John String Quartet, Ventus Machina, and Trio Sambucca.

Michael has composed for and performed with ensembles of various composition on both viola and guitar. He currently acts as Music Director for a small women’s choir, sings bass with the St. Thomas University STU Singers choir, and plays viola as part of the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra.