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Joe Pasillas

Systems Admin and support lead for.... Loved violin since I first saw Fantasia on TV in the 60's. The Pastoral drove me to wonder - what is it about that?, could it be the violins? (I was only 7) - then the score from the movie "The Big Country" drove me to ask my Mom to drive me across town to order the soundtrack in 1963 (at 8 years old - yes I was a nerd. The strings once again invoked "nature" that was around me in the Sierras.

FF 20 years and my life changed in 1983 when I placed Itzak Perlman's Beethoven Concerto vinyl record on my Marantz. I have started and stopped lessons at times since then. I was blessed to have Dave Balakrishnan and Katherine Limon as teachers. I once played a Curtin and Alf violin and I loved it. I adore people who start young and have their whole life to progress. I am older, but feel so fortunate to have all these greats violinists to hear through CD, YouTube and .

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