Mary Skeet
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Mary Skeet

Middle aged woman trying to re-capture her youth by learning a new instrument. First time picking up the violin was August 12, 2006.

Goal is to reach RCM Grade 10 before I am put into an old folks home. I practice about 1-3 hours 3-6 times a week, but have a looong way to go. But I have passed my Grade 2 with honours, and am studying for my Grade 3 now.

I love all kinds of violin music. Right now, I am loving the Suzuki and Royal Conservatory pieces, but also love Irish, Canadian, and Cajun fiddle. I also spend a lot of my time step dancing: Irish soft and hard shoe, Ottawa Valley, and PEI. I am even trying to learn to fiddle and dance simultaneously. It's a bit of a mess right now, but it's achievable.