Maarten van Veen
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Maarten van Veen

Pianist Maarten van Veen comes from a musical family and started playing the piano at a young age . He studied at the conservatories of Utrecht, Prague and finalized his study in Amsterdam (Sweelinck Conservatory). During the conservatory curriculum he was early to specialize himself in the performance of contemporary music besides the classical repertoire. Van Veen studied with Alwin Bär, Kyoko Hashimoto, Ton Hartsuiker and György Sebök.

During the Competition of 20th-century Piano music in Orleans (France,1996), he received the prize for the "best candidate with a personal view of contemporary music". Together with his brother Jeroen van Veen he also won the First Prize of the Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition (U.S.A, 1995). In 1998 he worked with Robert Craft on Stravinsky 's piano repertoire, and recorded "Les Noces" with the latter in the Abbey studios, London. The New York Times stated this recording as ´the best recording ever`.

Van Veen performed all over Europe and played with different orchestras and conductors like Peter Eötvös, Howard Williams, Arie van Beek, Neal Stulberg, Christopher Hogwood, Henrik Schaeffer, Lev Markiz, Lucas Vis, Jurjen Hempel, Etienne Siebens, Peter Oundjian and Robert Craft. He founded the International Piano Quartet (4 pianos) and played many concerts in the U.S.A. and Canada.

During the conservatory curriculum and in his programming as a solo pianist, he always strives to connect classical and contemporary repertoire. In the Netherlands Van Veen is member of the artistic board of the Doelenensemble (Rotterdam) that offers programs with a panoramic view of the 20th century.

In his search for authentic performance on repertoire from 1850 till 1910, he also became member of the Hortus-ensemble (Amsterdam) that concentrates playing concerts on historical authentic instruments, mainly on Erard grand pianos.

In the U.S.A he is the Artistic Advisor of the Murray Dranoff Foundation.

Maarten van Veen is increasingly acclaimed as one of the most innovative and powerful pianists of today. He gained recognition early in his career for his command of the instrument and artistic insight. Noted for the originality of his programming, critics have praised the intensity of interpretation as well the emotional impact he brings to the audience.

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