Man Wong
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Man Wong

Am a software engineer and parent of 3 kids who (all 4 of us) have been doing the Suzuki thing (mainly on violin) since 2006 w/ the Brooklyn Conservatory. Always wanted to learn to play an instrument like the violin -- and love the sound of the violin family instruments in general. Love classical music, a little jazz and various other kinds of music.

Started out on a Martello beginner's violin from The String House of Rochester, NY. Currently using a 1910(?) John Juzek violin -- and also dabbling w/ a 16" 1948 Juzek Master Art viola.

Would love to join an amateur string quartet or moderately larger chamber ensemble at some point when I'm ready for that. No luck convincing the wife to join us on cello thus far, but got a young nephew and niece (and her mom) to do so. :-) Maybe some day the 5 cousins could even combine to play the Trout Quintet(!) -- the young nephew is also studying piano while my son would gladly give the bass a try... ;-)

Other interests: photography, the cinema, art in general, baseball(!), ..., and all sorts of things that I can tinker w/ and/or observe/study and wax philosophical... ;-)

Personal quote: "Just another amateur learning to paint w/ 'the light of the world'." (John 8:12)