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I am a maker specialized in violas that are played in the Gewandhaus Leipzig (Immo Schaar and Konrad Lepetit); by many principal violas: Deustche Kammerphillharmonie Bremen (principal Friederike Latzko), Korean Chamber Orchestra (principal Jayyoon Kim), Cordoba (principal, Alberto Lepage), NYC Opera (assistant principal), Ukraine National Orchestra (assistant principal), Odense (Assistant Principal), Chile National Orchestra (principal) and soloists like Esther Apituley (teacher in the Amsterdam Conservatory).

My instruments are regularly used in solo playing and in recordings.

Here some testimonials.

Michael Tree:

"Dear Luis;
It was a real pleasure to see you and Gisella again.
I enjoyed playing on your viola in rehearsal with my
quartet. As expected, it sounded clear and strong
with no problem cutting through the other instruments." (Michael Tree, Guarneri Quartet, NYC)

Julian Rachlin, soloist:

"Dear Luis, I was amazed to play your fantastic viola. It is incredibly easy to play. You certainly reached an outstanding sound, with a rich Italian sound. Just perfect for a soloist".

Friederike Latzko, principal of the Kammerphilarmonie Bremen, she also plays a Cremonese 1780 Ceruti viola:

"The Viola is exzellent !!! Since we met I play with Nadia . Everybody in my orchestra , also me ! is astonish about the marveless sonor, dark and intense sound !"

Konrad Lepetit (of the Gewandhaus):
"Today is the first possibility to write about my new Viola. It is a beautiful Instrument with a great sound and a dark timbre which we need in our Gewandhausorchester. Your viola is such a pleasure-it has its own colour of sound and is very mobile in the orchestra, yesterday we played here "Tristan"." (Konrad Lepetit, Gewandhaus Leipzig Orchestra).

Immo Schaar (Gewandhaus Leipzig):
"Dear Luis,
after three concerts in the Wiener Musikverein ans a couple of hours in the practisroom, I`m very happy about the sound of the new viola. I`ve a really good feeling with the instrument and send you and your wife my best regards."

"A viola with "La Mer" of sound" (Hartmute Rohde, UDK Berlin, in the place of Bruno Giuranna as a teacher).

Here some sound samples

As soloist

With Piano

In quartets:

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