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Michael Makhal

My name is Michael Makhal, Art of Violin is my tutorial in Hyderabad for students who want to learn Violin or other string instruments from the Violin family, such as Viola and Cello. I am a Violinist, Composer and Conductor in Western Classical Music. I am a guest member for many esteemed Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad. I have my exclusive contemporary Chamber Orchestra as well for public and private events. I have represented India as a Violinist and Composer in several prestigious events including the Asia Orchestra Week (Tokyo, 2007) and the Glasgow Culture – XX Commonwealth Games 2014.

My teaching technique is interactive and multidimensional, profoundly reflects the teaching methods of my father Ananta Makhal, who was a gifted violin teacher and conductor from Calcutta, had produced thousands of professional and amateur musicians in his life. I believe, learning Violin should be enjoyable, interesting and exciting. And, I also believe in a strong technical foundation and make an effort to teach musicality, self-awareness, and analytical thinking. It is important for students to understand the impact they make on the general listeners/audience while playing the violin, and how the violin magnifies his/her life with the grand treasure of Western Classical music. My purpose is to guide each student to become a technically sound, musical, and self-reliant musician, most importantly, who enjoys playing the Violin and love the Fiddle.

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