Shiqi Luo
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Shiqi Luo

Shiqi Luo, a Chinese-born violinist, joined Paulus Hook Music Foundation in 2022 as a soloist in concert performance, and an educator in music enrichment program for children. She is also a core violinist member at The Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA. Shiqi received a Master Degree and Professional Studies Certificate in Classical Violin Performance from Manhattan School of Music in 2021.

Shiqi began her violin studies at the age of four. Later, she was admitted to the Primary School and Secondary Professional Music School Affiliated with Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She studied under Professor Yu Lina, one of the most famous violinists and educators. At the age of 11, she appeared on the stage of Shanghai Grand Theatre, where she performed "Butterfly Lovers" with renowned violinists such as LiNa Yu, Zhijiong Wang and Mengla Huang. During her school years, she was awarded with the People's Scholarship and the Tang Scholarship. Her live recording of Grieg's Violin Sonata No. 3 was included in the album celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She was also invited to perform at Shanghai Weekly Radio Concerts in Shanghai Concert Hall.

In 2014, Shiqi was admitted to the Manhattan School of Music in New York City with scholarship, studied under Professor Lucie Robert and Professor Malkin Iscca, two renowned contemporary violinists.
She also studied chamber music with the violinists from American String Quartet members, Peter Wingrad?Laurie Carney and the cello professor David Geber at Manhattan School of Music. She was invited to perform at the MusicAlp International Academy Festival in France and the Beijing International Music Festival… In 2018, She performed in the United Nations at the Summit Health Industry. In the same year, as a rising classical music star of Ningbo City, she performed in the concert “Coming Home". In 2020, She performed with the famous vocalist Ruston Ropac at the Columbia University Concert Hall - - “Thinking for solo voice and Two Poems of Li Bai”, a contemporary work for soprano and violin by young composer Keyin Lou. In 2022, she was invited by Brighter Bee Academy to perform Midsummer Night’s Dream Concerts for Children in New Jersey, and performed in the Mid-Autumn Concert with the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA at Lincoln Center. In October, she was invited by the Association of Classical Musicians and Artists to perform Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5.

After graduating, Shiqi joined the Paulus Hook Music Foundation and began teaching violin in the New York and New Jersey area. With many years of teaching experience, Shiqi has in-depth study and research on violin enrichment education. Two of her students were admitted to primary school affiliated with Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Her teaching is deeply appreciated by students and their parents.