Di-Luan Le
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Di-Luan Le

I started learning violin in my country at age of 15. I always love the instrument and did practice a lot but I am not a gifted student, not at all.

Due to the instability in my country at the time, I had 3 teachers in my first 7 years. They were conscientious teachers and still deserve my highest respect today. The first and third teacher were orchestra colleagues, and they used franco-belgian techniques, while my second teacher followed russian school. I had a very very hard time for switching back/forward between the two methods.

Next to a break of playing for about 10 years - when I came to live in Montreal - I often thought to abandon the violin. One month after beeing graduated and got a job, I took out my violin and brought it to a luthier for a last check, before hanging it definitely on the wall as a "souvenir". But I changed my mind when I talked to the luthier. At my surprise, he understood very well my difficulties, because he also had studied with franco-belgian method up to professional level, and next he changed to russian method. He told me that he was also a student of my first teacher and willing to give me a help... I took lessons with him for another 2 years then stop again ... because I had too much bad playing habits, my learning curve did not grow fast.

But I still continue to play, and visit my luthier from time to time. One day I suddenly understood the "core" of his teaching: do not fight with the instruments, rather learn to control myself correctly at first, and next play the violin by the way it likes. With this in mind, I got a breakthrough in my playing technique, and really enjoy to play the instrument. I guess a gifted student would normally know this very basic principle pretty quick, and not after 25 years like me. Anyway, I'm still happy to finally understand and get through this.

On the other hand, with this playing approach, I become more "susceptible" to recognize the true playing value of a good violin & bow, such that I'm free myself from its external look, label or age, almost ;-).