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carlos santana

hi ive been playing violin for several yrs. i am 18 yrs old. studying violin at the conservatory and weekdays studying civil enginerring at city college in nyc. i practice several hours a day especially in my jhs/high school years when i developed a lot.

my current repertoire(what i have down)

concertos (summer 2008)
sibelius concerto in dminor (prefered choice)

barber concerto

nielsen concerto

working on: summer of 2008

walton violin concerto

beethoven violin concerto(btw i have my own cadenza for the 3rd movement)

past repertoire:

bruch and mendelsohn concertos
lalo symphonie espagnole
saint saens concerto no.3
bach double concerto

several,several shorter pieces

plus i have my own caprice no.1 which features paganini like ricochets and fireworks combined with elements of rock and blues plus violinistic stuff.

of course theres a lot of other pieces however this is the overview of what i can play if asked
"play me this"

also i have my own jazz group and we do several works in the jazz repertoire.