Staffan Borseman
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Staffan Borseman

The founder of Stradivari Invest® & Leopold® bow, Staffan Borseman, is equally at home in the world of art and business.

He has a lifelong experience as a dealer of fine stringed instruments and bows. For his outstanding knowledge and his human qualities he is a deeply respected and sought after rare stringed instrument investment consultant.

A close working relation to the late Mr. Erik Järnåker brought him into the circles of one of the major stringed instrument collections, the Järnåker Foundation.

Staffan Borseman acquired a vast expert knowledge in the field of the history of stringed instruments and bows as well as their physical construction and acoustics. His ever-growing interest and investigative mind brought him together with top international experts in every field touching stringed instruments.

Staffan Borseman grew up in one of the most famous Swedish music families. His father, Enar Borseman - a student of Georg Kulenkampf, later violin concertmaster and music professor, led Staffan in the best of traditions, providing him with a solid basis and continuing support. Already as a five-year-old, Staffan made his first concert performance on violin at the Stockholm Music Museum. Later he studied violin under Gert Crafoord, Josef Grünfarb, Tibor Varga and Jasha Brodsky.

During his international violinist career Staffan Borseman has held, among other positions, that of a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra leader in the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Danish Radio Sinfonietta and the Royal Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

Staffan Borseman is respected not only for his musical skills, abilities and knowledge. His integrity, wisdom and ethical reliability make him treasured and loved by his business partners, colleagues and students around the world.