Bradon Smith
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Bradon Smith

I have been playing the violin for nearly 30 years. Growing up in a folk music family, I have played folk fiddle in the English, Irish and Scottish styles from a young age.

I am a classically trained violinist, but I now specialise in teaching folk fiddle. You can find out more about me and my teaching here: Learn to play the fiddle

I am a well known player on the Irish session scene in London, Bristol and Bath, and have spent time playing in Scotland, around Ireland and further afield. I have played with a number of Ceilidh bands over the years, including in Bristol and Bath. I run several Irish sessions which welcome new players: Irish sessions in Bristol, UK

I am a very experienced teacher (1000s+ hours one-to-one teaching), and I am available for lessons online or in person in Bristol. I also run Irish fiddle workshops, for intermediate and advanced players.

I am also available for solo performances for all types of occasion, or as part of a ceilidh band. You can find out about my recent and upcoming gigs here: Irish fiddle player

Please Contact me for more information about any of the above.