Trevor Jennings
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Trevor Jennings

Welsh ancestry. Violinist since 2000, and cellist far, far longer. Member of Bristol Music Club (est. 1903), England.

My main orchestras are the Long Ashton Orchestra in Somerset, and Bristol Chamber Orchestra, both respected community orchestras that have been around for 50 years or more, and have a useful number of retired pros in their memberships.

Some years before I entered the world of the orchestral violinist my introduction to playing the violin started in Irish pub sessions c 2000 in Bristol. I have composed a haiku, in Latin, in fond memory of those sessions sadly long gone:

tibia planxit,
virgo tympanum pulsat,
fides perstridet.

I must point out that Google Translate falls over badly (not uncommon when faced with Latin!) in trying to translate my haiku - I checked this out of curiosity. For instance, I used "fides" with its less common meaning of "stringed instrument" - violin or fiddle in this context, and "perstridet", which GT didn't recognize, to mean "screeches loudly". The first two lines, which GT couldn't really cope with, are in English,
"the flute wails,
the girl bangs the drum"

I have followed the main haiku rule of a total of 17 syllables in the poem, together with the number of syllables per line rule, but I suspect there are other rules that are beyond me!