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Mara Gerety

I am currently a Master of Music candidate at Mannes College in New York City, as a student of Mark Steinberg. Past teachers and coaches I must also give credit to are Jirí Fišer and Pavel Hula from the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, Jirí Žigmund of the Wihan Quartet, Milan Vítek at Oberlin, and Victor Danchenko.

In recent years I have also begun to pursue early music and historical performance, studying Baroque violin with Nancy Wilson at Mannes, and taking part in summer early-music workshops with Marek Štryncl of Musica Florea and Michael Pospišíl of Ensemble Ritornello (Prague).

I endeavor to play in as many genres as possible, redefining the boundaries of each one, and can occasionally be spotted in the subways of New York scratching out old gypsy songs behind an open, hopefully dollar-filled, violin case.

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