Kia-Hui Tan
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Kia-Hui Tan

Associate Professor of Violin at The Ohio State University since 2005

Unaccompanied Solo Violin Works *KiWipedia* by violinist Kia-Hui Tan
~ COVID-19 “Back to School” edition ~ [August 1, 2020]

Unaccompanied Solo Violin Works *KiWipedia* is a free online resource on the vast but mostly unfamiliar repertoire for solo violin without accompaniment. COVID-19 "Back-to-School" edition lists only works with both score and recording available (as of July 2020) and conveniently linked for quick browsing.

Curate a balanced, contrasting or themed program using any combination of:
- date of composition
- nationality of composer
- racial/ethnic/gender diversity
- duration to perform
- difficulty level (1=easiest to 5=hardest)
- immediate pdf availability (free/imslp or paid digital download)

Unaccompanied Solo Violin Works *KiWipedia* YouTube channel:

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