Joanna Gaitani
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Joanna Gaitani

Joanna Gaitani is born in Athens, 1986.
She started in age of 6 with flute, and in 1998 changed to violin.
Since 2000 began to perform as soloist in Greece with the greek youth Radio and Television Orchestra and the Thessaloniki State Orchestra,the Patras Soloists Orchestra, and in many recitals.
Participated in Masterclasses with S.Kravtchenko, P.Sheppard, D.Zsigmondy, T.Gabora, N.Chumachenko.
In 2004 she recieved her Diploma from the Conservatory in Athens with excellence and recieved the first prize.
In her competition experience she recieved prizes at the Eurovision competition for Young Soloists, at the Arts Violin competition 2003 in Thessaloniki(3rd prize) ,and Top prize winner at the Violinesporlapaz international competition 2006 in Jaen.
Since 2003 she lives in Germany, and is scholarship holder from the Villa Musica foundation.Played in 2004 on a V.Panormo violin and from 2005 on a P.Guarneri, given to her from the same foundation.

She performed as soloist on tour in Germany with the Klassische Philharmonie Bonn, under Heibert Beissel, with the Greek Radio Orchestra and the State Orchestra of Athens. Chamber music experience performing together with the Professors: Jose Gallardo,Christian Altenburger, Oliver Triendl,Christof Schiller,Esther Haffner,Nicolas Chumachenko,Rainer Kussmaul,Wenn.sinn Kang.
Currently studying at the Cologne Music School with Zakhar Bron.