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Jim Hastings

I completed a violin performance degree but decided at 21 y/o not to go into the music business. I had already started in the commercial business sector part time and decided to continue in it full time after graduation.

My childhood ambition was to become a professional symphony player, but I realized during the degree program that small-chamber playing suited my free-spirited personality far better. Now I continue practicing and playing as a serious amateur. About 90 minutes a day will keep me in shape. I can manage up to 3 hours a day.

On this site, I join Weekend Vote fairly often and reply now and then to other blog posts. At present, mostly for lack of time, I don't write to the Discussion Board. But I still scan the board for topics that interest me - and I keep learning useful tips.

October 4, 2022, update: I now have a newer Android phone - plus a good external USB microphone. I'm sorting through the audio tracks I made in late summer 2022 with this setup - to find the best ones to replace the crude 2020 takes I made with my previous Android's onboard mic. Check out this track I recorded in the garage with the new equipment:

Warmup Medley 1 - 7:18

I earn my living outside of music, working with words. In May 1996, I became a small-business owner and freelance editor. I am a published op-ed writer, although I have little time now for my own writing; but for an idea of what I come up with when time allows, see my non-commercial WordPress page:


Besides music, some other topics I write on are fitness and national issues. In keeping with 'Netiquette' guidelines and rules for violinist.com members, I have placed a link back to violinist.com.

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