J Fisher
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J Fisher

I was an unassuming eleven-year old child that fell in love with the haunting, sparkling, alluring sound of 'real' violin playing. Violin is my passion. I love its dark, and brilliant range- I LOVE really high crying E-string notes, I LOVE deep rich melodic G-String notes, and everything in between. You could say I'm obsessed, but that doesn't describe it. I have to play each day to feel fulfilled. The violin gives me that exuberating rush. I simply have to continue playing for the rest of my life. My only regret is not discovering this half of my soul earlier as a child, but as time is never forgiving, all I can do now is continuing to practice, play, enjoy and perform, and continue my quest for satisfaction.

My fantastic violin teacher, quoted his violin teacher, Leonid Kogan with a quote that pretty much states everything I feel. "It's violin PLAY-ing, every time you PLAY violin you should enjoy it. It needs to bring satisfaction. That's what PLAYING means."