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Jesus Contreras Espada

My dream: changing fluid dynamics and numerical methods for chamber music and symphonic orchestras,
...and I don't mean that I dislike the first, it's only that music has been my biggest passion since I decided to shift to that marvelous radio station (Radio Clásica). I think I was 18 then...

I studied mechanical engineering in the TU-Cartagena (Spain), lived in Versailles (and fell in love with this beautiful city), then I did my PhD in Darmstadt. There I had my first contact with the violin, but also with marathon running, ice skating and many more great things...
After a short experience in Austria I decided to shift to Switzerland (close to Zürich) and I hope it is for longer time this time.

The best in the area: the friends, running in the forest, Zürich (cool library!), playing tennis in Baden, the friends (already mentioned this?), das Tonhalle Orchester, the traffic lights and of course chocolate and cheese.
The worst: stressful job, high rents and bad weather.

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