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Michael Jamanis

Michael, “Dr. J” Jamanis, is an award-winning violinist, educator and activist who has performed in concert halls all over the world. In recent years, Dr. Jamanis has turned his focus to bringing social change through the power of music. He teaches a holistic approach to learning the violin that encourages a deep level of connection, openness and self-expression, not only through music, but through social interactions as well.

Dr. Jamanis received a Bachelor of Music from The Juilliard School, a Master of Music from Yale University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from Rutgers University.

Currently, Michael directs the “Music in the Schools” program sponsored by the non- profit organization Music For Everyone based in Lancaster, PA. This program, funded by public and private sector, engages professional musicians and student mentors to enhance the music programs at primarily inner city schools. Dr. Jamanis is the founder of the Jamanis Project LLC. His vision for the company is to carve out new avenues and break down the barriers and stigma that typically surrounds classical music. Therefore, making it accessible for all people, regardless of their backgrounds. Dr. Jamanis is also a senior adjunct assistant professor of violin and viola at Franklin and Marshall College.