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Robert Keys
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Robert Keys

I am an ancient "Geezer", here, who studied violin for 12 years, played a few minor background, wedding, and party music gigs well over half a century ago, and abandoned any professional violin thoughts when I realized that it was going to be unproductive competing with 5000 other starving violinists in the far West coast, and have been playing solely for my own enjoyment ever since... For the past decade, I have played the persona of an 18th Century itinerant tavern fiddler as part of a living history organization here in NC, where late Baroque and the Scots/Irish/English traditions are the enjoyment. Although I still enjoy a taste of the masterworks of Bruch, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and others, the edge on such things at my age is long gone. But, the joy of playing the violin, I will treasure all of my days...