Jake Bass
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Jake Bass

Hi V.com!

I was born into a family of musicians in Taipei, Taiwan but I had an American upbringing in Berkeley, CA since I was 2. I wanted to play something more special, like the double bass or the bassoon (because of the name), but instead I got a violin when I was 5 and stuck with it ever since.

I hold bachelor degrees in biology and in music performance from the University of California, Davis. Nowadays, I'm a microbiologist back home in Berkeley, CA where I can continue sawing away at the violin.

Hailing from mixed ancestry (British/Chinese), I'm especially interested in the development of Asian food and culture. In my free time, I enjoy finding new restaurants and cuisine, and I religiously stay in shape so I can continue doing so.

My fine German violin and I are inseparable. I use CodaBows to swat flies.