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Neil Nelson

I have been juggling the idea to teach myself how to play the violin for a good couple of months and this very day, I brought a new 4/4 Stentor Student ST violin. Here goes nothin' :)

I'm 23 at time of writing, and have been in the Royal Navy for nearly seven years, serving on three ships and covered half the globe by sea and ocean. I have had a checkered past with music, and my current predominant interest include photography, physical science, cycling, and astronomy.

My musical past is a bit of a mixed bag, with very little actual instrument playing involved, I dropped music at GCSE level, but remained in the school choir, something I had carried on from primary school, giving me a decade(ish) of singing experience (and my parents still swear blind that I'm tone deaf). I can play a little organ and piano, and can rough my way through manuscript music (key signatures still mistify me).

So a few days ago I decide to pick up a violin and see what happens. I made it this far at least, so here is looking out towards the journey, thanks for tagging along :)

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