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Heather Broadbent

Hello, I'm Heather Broadbent, Holistic Violinist - Founder of Online Violin, Creator of Violin Fitness and Violin Sectrets Academy where I train violinists all over the world how to play their favorite pieces and enhance their current skill sets. Not only do I easily take violinists to the next level on their violin journey, I enable them to be transported to another world through violin performance. I am a professional violinist and private violin and piano teacher currently located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria working with the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra. I received my BM - violin performance degree from University of Colorado at Boulder along with a BA in English Literature. For the last 11 years I was located in Racine, WI - just North of Chicago and South of Milwaukee where I freelanced with over 20 orchestras and had a studio of 15 - 30 students. While in this location I continued my post university studies with Rachel Barton Pine for five years. Currently, I teach violin and piano online via skype. I am the founder and creator of www.onlineviolin.net - a website with helpful hints for violinists all over the world. Please be sure to register for my violin secrets videos at www.onlineviolin.net

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