Garrett Semmelink
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Garrett Semmelink

Garrett Semmelink (BME Indiana University 2011) is a freelance violinist and music educator with a passion for collaboration and creative new music-making. He’s regularly performed with bands such as indie-folk duo 'Busman’s Holiday', his own electro-acoustic, classical folk-art-pop quartet 'Pantree Owl' co-founded in 2009 while at Indiana University, as well as the Philadelphia musician collective 'Table for 26' which he joined recently in 2020. His decade-long project with 'Sonic Multiplicities' explores a critical intersection between acoustic instruments and computers in live settings, using software and artificial intelligence to empower his often dubbed “neo-romantic, post-punk inspired, abstract and rather unconventional” extended solo compositions and improvised performances. When he’s not making music, Garrett teaches violin and viola lessons at his home studio in Mt. Airy Philadelphia. He is also an orchestral consultant for the music industry and currently US Brand Specialist for Thomastik-Infeld strings at Connolly Music Company in New York.