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Gabriel Kastelle

Great variety of classical, musical theater, amplified, improvising and other performing background. Switch hit violin, viola, erhu and zhonghu. Now performing and teaching regionally, based in Middletown, CT area, having earned there the M.A. spring 2015 from Wesleyan Univ. in Experimental Music/Composition. Sample project: Spring 2013 composed and music-directed and performed zhonghu in live stage band of Chinese opera, Wesleyan U Theater Department production of The Peony Pavilion! :-) Previous B.Mus. Violin Performance from Temple U, Philly, 1997. Also biochemistry degree (!from Oberlin) and seven years lab. research experience, incl. publication and other published acknowledgments. Twenty+ years of creative, customized music performance teaching in variety of contexts. Innovator of Bonsai Concerts, New London, CT, 2008-2012. Researching musicologist (one current focus is Singing Legacy of Brothertown Indians). Always seeking interesting students any level who want to explore. Always seeking professional violin duo+ gigging colleagues. I got game- let's play !! :-) More info+ avail. upon request. Thanks!