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Florina Petrescu

Florina Petrescu (Flory - ViolinWitched) is a professional violinist, performer, teacher, writer and YouTuber.

When she is not performing, teaching, writing or YouTubing, she secretly makes plans how to conquer the world.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, she decided that "city life" is interfering with her creative nature, so she moved to... Transylvania in 2008. Not a joke! And YES, Transylvania is a real place! But with so many vampires in sight...In 2014 she relocated in Michigan where she now resides.

Her favorite food is sushi and her drink... you guessed it! COFFEE! You did not guess? Hmm...

She holds a Master's Degree in Chamber Music - Violin and a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from the National University of Music "Ciprian Porumbescu" Bucharest. But more important, she has a passion for MUSIC that goes beyond the certifications and degrees.

"Somebody asked me once, what do I feel when I play. I can't explain in words, because I go in another realm, where words do not exist. You have to learn an instrument to understand. That is why, I have a special section "Working with me" on my website :)"


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