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Florina Petrescu

Florina Petrescu is a professional violinist, performer, teacher, and writer.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, she decided that "city life" is interfering with her creative nature, so she moved to... Transylvania in 2008. Not a joke! And YES, Transylvania is a real place! But with so many vampires in sight...In 2014 she relocated to Michigan where she now resides.

She holds a Master's Degree in Chamber Music - Violin and a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from the National University of Music "Ciprian Porumbescu" Bucharest. But more important, she has a passion for MUSIC that goes beyond the certifications and degrees.

"Somebody asked me once, what do I feel when I play. I can't explain in words, because I go into another realm, where words do not exist. You have to learn an instrument to understand. That is why I have a special section "Working with me" on my website" -Florina

Florina is teaching in person and online.

You can reach her at: flory@florysmusic.com

Please visit her website for more info about her work, biography, and more - www.florysmusic.com

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