Timothy Jansma
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Timothy Jansma

Tim Jansma has been making and restoring instruments for nearly 40 years. He began as an apprentice at Moennig's in Philadelphia. Then he enrolled at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy. He set up his first shop just outside Cremona, using this time to create instruments while selecting tonewoods from Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Northern Italy for himself and other Cremonese makers. He established his shop in west Michigan 30 years ago, all the while using his skills as a professional violinist to hone the rich, focused sound desirable for the most demanding musicians.

Jansma instruments are chosen by professional musicians as career instruments. They are played in concert halls the world over. Tim Jansma also sees the need for fine quality instruments for aspiring students, so he has selected and refined a large collection of beautifully hand-made imported instruments and bows. Each instrument receives the attention of Tim Jansma's experienced eye, and the result is amazing.

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