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Matt Groters

I've been studying violin for about 9 nears. I am currently playing only classical, although I would like to learn other styles at some point.

I play in 4 orchestras during the regular school semester. Two of them are full symphonies directed by my current teacher, Joseph Glymph. Those are the Classical Symphony Orchestra, and the Protege Philharmonic of Chicago, of which I sit concertmaster. I also play in and lead rehearsals for my church orchestra, and serve as concertmaster at the NEIU String Orchestra.

My teaching experience is rather limited but I very much enjoy it, especially when I have the chance to work with motivated and advanced students who enjoy what they're doing...

Some points of interest: I'm currently playing on a carbon fiber violin (#168) created by Luis Leguia and his Company Luis and Clark; I can be found on YouTube under the same username (fiddlinmatt); my favorite composers overall... probably Dvorak, Bach, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Paganini, oh man here I go... I better stop.

I hope to that this forum can be a source of enrichment for me, and in turn that I can be a source of enrichment for this forum.

Thanks for sitting through it all,