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Rob Schnautz

I specialize in improv for the religious setting, including everything from traditional hymns to contemporary rock. I have studied classical extensively and also a bit of jazz and folk. I am self-trained in viola, guitar, and a little trombone.

If you would like a violinist for your wedding, funeral, or other event in or around Evansville, I'd be more than happy to play.

Weddings and other scheduled events-- my schedule fills up quickly; contact me as early as possible.
Funerals-- please provide at least a day's notice.

Acoustic violin:
Mathias Thoma European Hand-Crafted Instruments violin, model 441
Glasser standard fiberglass bow with horsehair

Electric violin:
2010 Mark Wood Stingray five-string electric violin, model SV-5
Mark Wood black glitter bow with fiberglass hair

1972 E.R. Pfretzschner copy of Antonius Stradivarius 14" intermediate viola
Not sure what brand of bow

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