Rob Schnautz
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Rob Schnautz

I specialize in improv for the religious setting, including everything from traditional hymns to contemporary rock. I have studied classical extensively and also a bit of jazz and folk. I am self-trained in viola, guitar, and a little trombone.

If you would like a violinist for your wedding, funeral, or other event in or around Evansville, I'd be more than happy to play.

Weddings and other scheduled events-- my schedule fills up quickly; contact me as early as possible.
Funerals-- please provide at least a day's notice.

My equipment:
Glasser standard fiberglass bow (my favorite)
Mark Wood black glitter bow with fiberglass hair (least favorite...although the screw has allowed me to tighten it into "baroque" mode to compensate for stretched hairs)
"Emily", Mathias Toma European Hand-Crafted Instruments violin, model 441
"Sasha", Mark Wood Stingray five-string electric violin, model SV-5
Black bow (currently bald)

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