Rhiannon Nachbaur
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Rhiannon Nachbaur

Rhiannon's played many styles from classical violin to country fiddle, celtic to rock, world-beat to jazz and is a versatile and well-rounded performer. More recently she plays with the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and has acted as Concertmaster with the Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra.

Her playing has earned her distinctions such as the 1995 Bank of America Achievement Award in the Field of Music and the 2006 AND 2007 Classical Artist of the Year with the Okanagan Music Awards (British Columbia). She is featured on several albums.

Rhiannon operates award-winning "Fiddleheads Violin Studio."

Her online violin shop at www.Fiddleheads.ca carries beginner to professional instruments (VSA winners Ming Jiang Zhu and Xuechang Sun as well as other top Chinese and European makers). She also stocks carbon bows, accessories, music, repairs and more. Hers is the world's first "Eco-Friendly Violin Shop." Her service is fantastic and has earned her customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.

She serves local violin shop customers from her home studio in Kamloops, BC, which is the perfect climate for curing and maturing new violins. Rhiannon offers limited private instruction and group classes.

Rhiannon has written for "BC Musician Magazine" in Canada and "Music Teacher Magazine International." She lives happily with her life partner, Don, and two sons in sunny Kamloops, BC.

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