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Deb Collins

Fiddle or Violin?
Well, it all boils down to the 'style' of music played on the 'same' instrument!

Deb Collins is a Pacific Northwestern native with an infectious passion for the 'Fiddle', which began when she was a youngster, and hasn't stopped since. One lesson from Deb and it becomes very evident that she knows her "stuff." Her musical family background runs through her veins. While growing up, she was witness to many jam sessions, rehearsals and musical events in her home. Musicians would come and go, leaving behind their legacies that encouraged her to pursue her current career in the music industry.

Teaching Background
She's had several years experience, teaching both fiddle and violin, to students of all ages and abilities, in both private and group settings:

* Oly Old Time Festival
* Peninsula Youth Orchestra Camp
* Oly Kids Summer Fiddle Camp
* String Zone
* Olympia & Mount Tahoma High School Orchestras
* Pierce Community College
* Evergreen State College
* Tune-A-Week
* Hardanger Fiddle Association of America

She has a unique ability and a keen sense of knowing how to approach many different learning styles. She gained some of her understanding, about teaching, from her experiences while attending the School of Education at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. The rest has come from not only many years of experience, but also the valuable learning that came from her father, who was also a teacher.

Her network is vast, due to the many years spent developing connections in the music industry. In her brain and fingerstips, are many fiddle tunes and classical pieces, (from all 'corners' of the globe), and in her heart are many fond memories of time spent with musicians and mentors. These special relationships have formed a strong foundation, from which she draws upon, to provide what she feels is the best possible learning environment for her students.

When not teaching, Deb plays professionally as well. Whether as a contract musician, a solo act, in various formations with other musicians, in ensembles and orchestras, or for private and public events of all kinds, she's available to bring the joys of music into your life. Need a fiddler or violinist for your event? Contact Deb for more information. (Click on the, "Send Message," button under the photo on this page.)

Deb also plays the Hardingfele, (Hardanger Fiddle). Thanks to the talent and generosity of Lynn Berg, Luthier from Eugene, Oregon, two of her students have been awarded a year scholarship to have loan instruments in their possession to learn on. For more information about this amazing instrument check this site:

My Teaching Philosophy
Her unique teaching approach is specifically designed with each student’s learning style and goals in mind. Her lifetime experiences are intertwined throughout the lessons as she takes each student on a ride that will prove to be an enriching experience. Her one of a kind instructional methods, time tested pedagogy, and fun approach guarantee successful results, for any level student.

Along with the fun, Deb encourages all of her students to acquire purposeful practice time ethics and devote daily time to the basics in order to build strong skills, (which work well in both the fiddle and violin world): Etudes,Technique, Scales and Positional work. Some of her favourite methods come from these historically well known teachers:

* Otakar Sevcik
* Henry Schradieck
* Franz Wohlfahrt

Deb also provides her students with extra curricular activities that make for a whole, well rounded approach:

* Luthier Night
* House Concerts
* Field Trips, to watch other musicians playing
* Performance opportunities
* Recitals
* Volunteer opportunities
* Learning from other instructors
* Video lessons
* Sound Files

What's on the books for Deb? She's working on a new book filled with her unique style of Fiddle Tab which has proven to be very successful in allowing students to begin enjoying the fiddle right away. She's trying to find opportunities to visit/teach in other countries in order to learn from the old time masters. If you think YOU might the one to offer her this opportunity, please contact her. Look for the book to come out in future!

She's also currently training to become a Prímás! Curious? Contact Deb and ask her for information.

Rates And Availability
Students can take private lessons two different ways: in her home studio in Olympia Washington, or remotely via video lessons. For available time slots please contact Deb and she will send you a current availability schedule.

She is also available for guest appearances to teach at fiddle camps, workshops and house concerts. Ask about the Olympia Kids Summer Fiddle Camp that happens the third week of August every Summer.

If you're interested in attending a tune learning session for beginning/intermediate players, then contact her for more information about the Tune-a-Week program that happens every Friday evening.

For lesson rates, please contact Deb.

~ Keep a tune in your heart! ~