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Emily Wing
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Emily Wing

Hello everyone! I'm an entering college freshman this year, attending the University of Washington. I was the former concertmistress for a local Youth Symphony, as well as my High School (both for two years). Currently, I'm headed for a BioChem and Music double major. My auditions for the UW School of Music are next week (Sept. 22nd) so wish me luck!

I realize that most of the people on the board are much more experienced than me. However, I'm really interested in learning any advice that anyone can give me to improve myself as a musician. So, advise away! :)

I really love playing the violin. It not only serves as a way for me to release my emotions out, but I love being able to share my passion with others. And I can only hope I, too, will become an inspiration, as so many great violinists have become to me.

"Music is not illusion, but revelation rather. Its triumphant power lies in the fact that it reveals to us beauties we find nowhere else, and that the apprehension of them is not transitory, but a perpetual reconcilement of life."
--Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky