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Studied with Joseph Segal,OXFORD, pupil of Adolf Busch and Carl Flesch 15 years.
Last pupil of this great violinist/technician.

Did some master classes with Ivry Gitlis.
Did lots of recording of Gitlis in live concerts.

Plenty of sports injuries & lots of hard work to recover from them, then largely self taught.

Last "pupil" of CNRS acoustician Prof Othon Schneider "Primus"-Strasbourg University
Sound engineering, theory and recording.

Big inspirations in life:-
"never be ashamed of a good tune"
Roderick Brydon.
Played under his unforgettable conducting at age 16.

Jon Vickers as Tristan in 1978.

Admirer? of....

Sergiu Celibidache, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Adolf Busch, Heifetz, Kogan, Sir Geraint Evans, Gundula Janowitz & some others.