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Emilio Arredondo

Emilio Arredondo is an accomplished performer of Acoustic and Electric Violin. He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from Berklee College of Music in 2012. Before and during his time earning his degree, he has had the opportunity to study with several amazing Classical and Fiddle teachers around the nation. His educational advisers have ranged from Symphony players to world fiddle champions. To name a few educators: Heather Broadbent, Eric Halen (HSO), Dr. J. Song (NEC), Mimi Rabson (Composer, RESQ), Sandy Kott (Boston Pops), Roberta Rast (6 time National Grand Fiddle Champion), Henneke Cassel (Scottish Fiddle Champion), Jane Kimmes (HSO), Albert Munzer (HSO) and more. He has performed and recorded with many different groups including, Dublin Free Press, The Greatest View, Harwin, Rusty Budde, The Killdares, Mark Wood, Lynda DeFuria, DJ HAPA, Angel N Irons, Roberta Rast, Tara Novak and is currently a member of Cypress Philharmonic, Dallas String Quartet and the electric string ensemble, VOGUE as well as a solo performer. He currently resides in Houston, performing in orchestras, clubs, bars, pubs, performance venues and teaches privately. Emilio plays on a custom made Candy Apple Red Starfish Violin, B .F. Tripp 1929 Violin from Newton, Mass and a custom Barry Dudley 5 String Acoustic/ Electric Fiddle.
He can be reached at 713-557-3185 or by email: eafiddler@gmail.com

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