Wesley Rodriguez
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Wesley Rodriguez

Former San Diego State University Vocal Performance Major. Playing violin since 2015.

I played in marching band from sophomore year in high school to junior year in college on different instruments, mostly flute. Choir freshman year to junior year in college. Symphonic band in college on flute, as well. A couple musicals in high school.

After I left San Diego State due to financial and personal issues, musically all I had left around me was a cheap violin my mother had randomly purchased me back in high school. Needless to say I used it to deal with and handle the changes I was going through at the time, and here I am a couple years later still keeping at it. I never thought I could reach the level I'm currently at now, and I strive each day to get better.

I'm currently taking lessons with a member of the San Diego Symphony.

I'm very interested in learning languages. Once when I was twelve, I woke up one day and said to myself that I would be upset if I never learned French in my whole life. When I was fourteen, I began studying Japanese and went all the way until studying in college. Recently my focus has been Spanish and I now speak it fluently. But there are still so many others I would like to know and become proficient at.