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Dawn Dover

I played with many orchestras during school, and after graduating I once upon a time had a job with the San Diego Symphony, SD Opera and Chamber Orchestras, but decided orchestral playing, full-time, was not for me. I never took another Symphony audition, but I did end up playing about 50% of each SF Symphony season for about ten years, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. My real passion is chamber music (trained as a quartet musician), and to fulfill that drive I auditioned and won a spot with the wonderful New Century Chamber Orchestra, with Bobby McFerran as our artistic advisor. I held the position for five years and made the very difficult decision to leave it in order to open up my schedule so that I could have even more experiences and earn more money. It was a hayday here in SF for a few of us freelancers. For almost two decades we bounced around from great gig to great gig, playing with the best orchestras, recording major motion pictures, playing long running Broadway shows, recording jingles (tv and radio), albums, documentaries, tv movies and on and on....I am a former board member of the Recording Musicians Association of San Francisco. I have also flown down to LA to record from time to time, as well as to meet up and tour several times with the Henry Mancini/Percy Faith Orchestra in Japan. I have performed chamber music throughout Italy, Germany, and the USA. My life has been fun, full, difficult, challenging, busy, scary....a wide variety of experiences. It has been very fulfilling.

I have been Josh Groban's concertmaster many times and have played CM for other incredible singers as well, such as: Natalie Cole, Bruce Hornsby, Johny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Smokey Robinson, to name just a few. I have also been CM for many Broadway Productions, including Phantom, Beauty and the Beast, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Titanic, among others.

As well, I teach. I love teaching and coaching chamber music. It has become a great passion as I have become older and wiser. It is one of the most enriching experiences I have ever encountered, on every possible level.